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Steel Rail Sessions: Behind the red curtain

The title of KW|AG’s contribution to the Steel Rail Sessions last Friday smacked of voyeurism and titillation.  The Nude Car did its best to live up to expectation and delighted many (and disappointed others) with its single sans clothing occupant, … Continue reading

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Oct 1: The && Collective’s Product Launch [technology]

The && Collective are working in residence today to create their new product line. Working with everything from computers to toy dinosaurs the group will transform the items and themselves into the Ampersand Co. on October 1st at 7 p.m. … Continue reading

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Coffee, soil and squash

Saturday, October 2nd will see the close of Mary Catherine Newcomb’s Product of Eden. Billed as  “Strange+Wonderful” (The Toronto Star), the squash babies have garnered quite a following over the summer, with media interest from The Toronto Star Untitled Contemporary … Continue reading

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Tarin Hughes, KW|AG’s first community curator

A Boundless Moment marks the beginning of a new series of Community Curator projects at The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery. Tarin Hughes, a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Fine Arts program and KW|AG docent, was invited to conduct self-directed … Continue reading

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All sodded up

The amphitheater on the front lawn of KW|AG at Centre in the Square is done, with a fantastic crew laying the sod and completing the laying of the flag stone this morning. We’re told that benches, already ordered from a … Continue reading

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Front yard theater

The backhoes arrived at KW|AG yesterday and parked themselves in the outdoor sculpture garden in front of Center in the Square. After some preliminary and puzzling digging, they began construction on a small amphitheater – complete with stone seating and … Continue reading

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Fall Opening Reception

KW|AG’s Fall Opening Reception on Friday was a spectacular mix of acoustic & kinetic, local heritage and collaboration. The diverse crowd enjoyed meeting the artists and learning more about sciencefictionsciencefair, Reality in Reverse [barn raising], the && Collective and A … Continue reading

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Last moments: behind the scenes at opening night

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at KW|AG before an Opening? Here are some of the last minute moments caught on my BlackBerry. See you here at 7 p.m. ~ Kirstie

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Oil, oil everywhere.

Oil is everywhere. With front page news like the Gulf oil spill and the Enbridge pipeline spill in Michigan oil has reached celebrity status. The subject has also taken focus in the art world with Edward Burtynsky’s dramatic photographs of … Continue reading

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Barn raising concepts

Ernest Daetwyler’s Reality in Reverse [barn-raising] is almost complete. The reclaimed timbers are in place and the crew of  Mennonite barn raisers are getting ready to leave the Gallery. In the Fall KW|AG newsletter, Ernest Daetwyler talks about barn raising … Continue reading

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