Meet Ketri

Meet Ketrie

Meet Ketri

Ketri joined us in January of 2008 as a Gallery Attendant (making her one of our front desk veterans.) Here is her take on our get to know you questions.

What is your favorite piece on exhibit and why?

My favorite piece on exhibit is George Douglas Pepper’s Untitled (Outdoor Cafe). It’s a really striking charcoal drawing of an outdoor café scene that was chosen from KW|AG’s permanent collection to be part of A Boundless Moment, and to me, it embodies the theme of the exhibit. The lines and textures that the artist has used suggests captured, contained motion—I get the immediate sense that there is much more waiting just beyond the edges of this scene, and that there was and will be action taking place just outside this one moment.

If you could take any artist to dinner (from any time period) who would it be and where would you take them?

I am really interested in history, so I would choose an artist that would be able to tell me some really great stories about their time period. Lots of names come to mind, but I think I would choose Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, who was an eighteenth-century French painter. (She was Marie Antoinette’s portrait painter and also painted portraits of many other notable figures of her time—not only did she live through the French Revolution and travel all over Europe, she also was a woman whose talents were highly sought-after and respected.)

As for where I would take her…probably somewhere in St. Petersburg, which has some truly beautiful architecture that I’ve always wanted to see for myself. Plus, she lived there for several years—who better to visit with than a local?

What do you like to do outside of the Gallery?

Being a university student takes up almost all of my free time, but I love reading and writing. Of course, most of that these days ends up being for classes, but I try to find time to do them purely for personal enjoyment when I can. I play piano and like baking, and I also have something of a TV addiction!

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The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery exists in real space in Kitchener, Ontario. Featuring contemporary work, the Gallery provides opportunities to connect with art through public programs, classes and exhibitions. Admission is free.
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